Financial Assistance Programs

The following Financial Assistance Programs are provided as a courtesy by the Ottawa TFC Soccer Club to help families needing financial support for their child (or children) to be able to play soccer and be healthy.

It is important to note that applications must be done early in the season as the grants are issued early and can take up to 6-8 weeks to process.


Ottawa TFC Soccer Club


Ottawa TFC Soccer Club provides a family discount for families registering more than 2 children in the club for a single season.  The third child receives a $95 discount off of their base registration, while the fourth (and more) child receives a $195 discount each.  

For adult players playing in multiple house leagues at Ottawa TFC, the club offers a $50 discount to those playing in three leagues in a single season, and a $100 discount to those playing in four leagues in a single season.  

A senior discount of 10% is also offered to senior players playing in Ottawa TFC programs.  To qualify, players must be 60 years of age or older in the season that they are playing in. Qualifying players are asked to please contact prior to registerting in order to receive this discount. 

For families in need of financial assistance Ottawa TFC provides the equivalent of a recreational registration for each child to families who qualify as needing assistance.  To take advantage of this financial assistance a family must provide the club with proof of successful application for the Canadian Tire Jumpstart program first.  Once this is received by the club ( the financial assistance will be processed in your account. 

Qualifying families with players in advanced programs (Academy and competitive) may be given further financial assistance pending approval from the board of directors.  Again, this will only be considered after the family has been successfully approved by the JumpStart application process.  

Additional opportunities to access funding for youth sports are listed below:

kidsport canada - ontario

KidSport Canada - Ontario

KidSport™ is a national not-for-profit organization that provides financial assistance to kids who just want to play some sports!

Canadian Tire JUMP START program
Canadian Tire JUMPSTART program
Applications for assistance can typically be submitted from January 15 to November 1, (varies by Chapter) with the goal to be equitably distributed over Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter activities. The funding is distributed with a focus on maximizing the cost and length of participation per activity per child.

Minding Our Bodies
Youth Grants | Minding Our Bodies
The goal of Minding Our Bodies is to increase capacity within the community mental health system in Ontario to promote physical activity and healthy eating for people with serious mental illness to support recovery.

KidSport Financial Assistance | Ontario Federation of School
KidSport Financial Assistance | Ontario Federation of School
OFSAA and KidSport have partnered to help high school students in Ontario overcome financial barriers that are restricting their participation in school sports.


Orleans-Cumberland Community Resource Centre

To locate the community resource centre closest to you enter your postal code in this link

Refer to the information under Ottawa TFC Soccer Club above to see how the approval from a Community Resource Centre will be applied to your registration fees.