Competitive Men's Indoor League (CCU)

Last updated: September 2020


Program Description


The Ottawa TFC Competitive Men  will be playing in a high level 7v7 internal league enviromnent once per week. 


Competitve men's players must be accepted into this program. To join, contact Vlad Vrsecky


Program Details

Level of Play:

Ottawa TFC Men's League (CCU):

This competitive 7v7 league is comprised of the most talented adult players in the program. 

Depending on the number of registrants, teams will be made via a player "draft" using team captains.  A league champion will be crowned at the end of the season.


Players 2003 or older who played in the Ottawa TFC Men's 7v7 "Pandemic" League Summer of 2020 may register directly for the league. 

Any other players must contact Vlad Vrsecky before registering. 

Players may be required to attend an evaluation session prior to registering. This is to keep the level of play in the league as high and consistent as possible.

Season Length: The program runs for 15 weeks from November to the end of February with a two week break at Christmas.
Weekly Commitment:
  • Once weekly 7v7 game play at the Louis Riel Dome .
  • Day of the week TBD

Ottawa TFC Men's (CCU) League: $265.00



Please email Vlad - for more information.


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