Game Day Manager - OPDL

Now Hiring: Game Day Manager - OPDL

The Game Day Manager for OPDL is reponsible for ensuring that OPDL and "game of the week" matches are run at a professional standard.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • Venue setup:
    • Setting up the tents for home and away teams as well as match officials. 
    • Setting up promotional materials for the club and OPDL around the venue (signs, feather flags, banners, etc)
    • Hydration station is prepared (gatorade jugs are filled and ready for both teams)
    • All 4 Corner flags are setup
    • Mesh on both goals is setup well secured
    • Home team equipment is prepared (balls, cones, pinnies, etc)
    • General cleanliness of the venue
  • Occupying the game day manager tent during the match:
    • Completing administrative requirements for the OPDL (collecting game sheets, rosters, substitute forms)
  • Being a point of contact for match officials and away teams as required. 
  • Maintaining game day resources as required
  • Coordinating with "BBQ" staff at any games that include a BBQ event. 
  • Managing any additional staff members used for managing game day operations. 

Other Requirements:

  • Attend OPDL "game day operations" meetings as required (usually 1-2 per year)
  • Attend operational meetings with the club as needed


  • OPDL games are hosted at Millennium Park on Saturdays and/or Sundays from July 17 through October 31.  Games typically kick-off between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM, and the game day manager will have to arrive 1.5 hours before the first match of the day and remain through the full length of the last match of the day. 
  • Occasionally, games are schedule mid week at 6:00pm.  


· Must be between over 16 years of age in 2021

· Be comfortable working physically (carrying tents, large water jugs, etc)

· Be friendly, courteous and professional when dealing with team staff, match officials, players, and parents during all events.


  • $18.00 per hour

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Only selelected candidates will be contacted.