Virtual Training Sessions

Virtual Training Sessions

Virtual Training Program

The Virtual Academy is a full 4 corner training program that works on technical, physical, tactical, and social/mental development of the athletes isolated at home.  Players work live, with their team or training group under the guidance of our Academy coaches, through a full workout.  They can interact and see each other training, see exercises demoed on video or by the coach who leads them through the workout. Coaches correct form as needed, and at times the players even lead one another through pre-determined exercises overseen by the coach.  There are two programs being offered to all competitive/Academy players: one for players U9-U12, and one for players U13 and older.  Players from outside the club are welcome to register as well.  


Check out our Virtual Training Promo Video to get an inside look at the program: 

Ottawa TFC Virtual Training Promo


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