Team Training - Virtual

Team Training - Virtual

Virtual Training for full Teams

This program is for non Ottawa TFC teams who wish to continue training together during this time, and come out of the COVID break better prepared than they ever have been.  Our club has invested countless hours in producing a virtual training program, staff and curriculum that is pushing our players to new heights.  Even TFC has been visiting our sessions in the early weeks to see and share ideas and encourage our athletes.  

With all of our teams training regularly, we are please to extend the training program to teams from outside of the club who wish to benefit from this unique program.  Players still train together, see each other regularly, keep one another accountable, and are guided through meaningful, relevant and fun training sessions 3 times weekly.     

For this program, teams register as a single entity, with with just the team coach's contact information required.  We will not ask for your individual player's contact information, as in our soccer world we understand that can be a sensitive topic.  U9-U12 teams can have up to 14 players participate, and U13+ teams can have up to 18 players participate.  See full details below:

Program Information:

twelve team/group training sessions under the tutelage of Ottawa TFC coaches (team coaches are welcome to attend all sessions as well, and observe/encourage their players).  A minimum of 10 players are requried per group, with a maximum of 14 for U9-U12 and 18 players for U13-U18.  The sessions go through flexibility, strength, ball mastery, fitness, and from time to time tactical and social/mental work.    

What you need to participate:
  • 2 to 3 meters of space (marked out by 4 markers… cones, or shoes, or socks or whatever 4 markers you want)
  • A phone or tablet or laptop through which you will login into the session (must have a camera so that the coach can see what you’re doing). 
    • You need the zoom application installed on the device you are using. (Laptops only need the zoom link and meeting ID)
  • A ball
  • Water
  • A workout matt (if the floor you’re working on is not good for strength work like abs/plank, etc). 
  • A great attitude :)
  • Your setup should look something like this with your camera showing the coach exactly what the picture below shows:

Training Dates and Schedule

12 sessions, three times weekly from April to May.  Sessions will all be on weekdays with specific training days and times to be determined with each team.  


U9-U12: (30 minute sessions) $650.00 per team (priced at 10 players in the team.  If you have more or less players, please let us know and we can adjust).

U13-U18: (45 minutes sessions) $1,200.00 per team (priced for 15 players. If you have more or less players, please let us know and we can adjust).


To register your team please email



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