Annual General Meeting

January 2020

Subject:  Board of Directors Elections and Annual General Meeting



Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on February 28, 2020 in ROOM 340 at Orleans City Hall, 255 Centrum Blvd; from 6:30-8:30 pm.  This is a very important AGM as the Board developed  new By-laws to replace the present constitution as part of Ottawa TFC’s commitment to good governance.  The draft By-laws have been sent to current members in good standing. Please review the draft By-laws and provide us with feedback, questions or comments prior to the AGM so that we can compile this information and present it at the AGM.  In this way, we can have a more focussed and productive discussion at the AGM. 


As part of the newly proposed By-laws, there will be nine (9) Directors on the Ottawa TFC Board of Directors instead of eight (8) as we have at present.  There will be four (4) Directors’ positions up for election this year, one (1) of which is vacant.  The successful candidates will be elected for a period of two years.  Candidates may run for re-election up to a maximum of eight (8) years as a Director on the Board (consecutive or nonconsective).


Last year we started the process of developing a skills matrix in relation to the Board of Directors.  A skills matrix identifies the skills, knowledge, experience and competencies desired by our Board to meet the current and future challenges of Ottawa TFC.   Our Club has achieved a level of excellence that puts it among the best clubs in Canada.  As we continue to develop our brand and maintain our reputation as a top club, it is critical that our Board of Directors provide effective strategic leadership.   To this end, the Board is looking for candidates with the following skills and expertise:


Legal and governance

Knowledge of relevant jurisprudence on matters relating to Ottawa TFC and its mandate. Understanding of policies, procedures and requirements of not-for-profit governing bodies and experience in providing strategic advice to the Board of Directors and management. 


Soccer Industry and Programming

In depth knowledge of the soccer environment, context, key stakeholders, issues and challenges.  Experience in providing strategic advice on risks and opportunities facing the Club.  In depth knowledge and experience in soccer programming.


Communications and Community Relations

Strong written communications skills and strategic communications experience.

Knowledge and experience in developing stakeholder engagement strategies, both internal and external to the Club.


Diversity and Inclusion

Knowledge and/or experience in developing strategies and practices that encourage and support a diverse and inclusive environment.   Experience and/or interest in community engagement and outreach to establish networks and community participation.


If you are interested in being a candidate, or if you would like to nominate someone for a Director position, please submit the following to by February 14, 2020:


  1. A signed document stating your name, signature, date and the name of the member you wish to nominate for a director position or your name, signature and date if you wish to nominate yourself for a director position.
  2. A brief letter outlining the nominee’s skills and expertise in one or more of the areas mentioned above.
  3. The nominee’s resume with emphasis on experience related to the key competencies identified in the above-mentioned letter.


Nominations from the floor will NOT be accepted during the AGM so please submit your documents as soon as possible.  The Nominations Committee will review all submissions and a special meeting will be held, prior to the AGM, for all candidates who meet the nomination requirements for the election.   This meeting will provide candidates with details on the responsibilities and commitments expected of a Director and to answer any questions. 





Ottawa TFC Board of Directors

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