Club History

Since 1991

CUSC History

The Cumberland United-Unis Soccer Club (CUSC) was founded in 1991, when it separated from the Gloucester Soccer Association in order to better service the growth that was occurring in the east end of Ottawa.  Historical documents indicate that James Ellis won a contest where his drawings were picked for the current CUSC logo.  

CUSC logo

The CUSC logo incorporates all aspects of the old Township of Cumberland Crest, Coat of Arms, and Flag.  The mural crown, a symbol of heraldry, is commonly found in the coat of arms of municipal authorities of old England counties, where the Township of Cumberland derived its name in 1800.  The two axes represent the logging industry along the Ottawa river, represented by the wavy lines associated to water and natural resources of the region.

Township of Cumberland CrestTownship of Cumberland Coat of ArmsTownship of Cumberland Flag


The competitive arm of the Club are the Cumberland Cobras.  This name was selected since cobras are known for their ability to strike with deadly accuracy. The Cobras logo has evolved over the years to the present day format.


Cobras logo 1991cobra logo mid-90sPresent day cobra logo

In the Fall of 2012, the Club launched its Academy Program, the Cumberland Cobras Academy, with the aim to develop the most talented and committed players in Ottawa, giving each player the opportunity to fully develop their playing potential, as people and players. 

This logo represents East Ottawa's top youth development academy developing the most talented soccer players in the region.

Academy CCA logoacademy cca crest

In 2016, CUSC was awarded the Ontario Soccer Association’s Club Excellence Award Program.